Full band tracking sessions
We have recorded full length albums, EPs, and demos with varying degrees of instrumentation including full string sections, horn sections, and standard 4 to 5 piece bands.

Overdub sessions
Whether you are a musician in need of a place to overdub instruments for your clients, or you are a client in need of a musician/vocalist to play on your project, we can assist you. We also have a wide variety of instruments and tools at your disposal (see
gear list). Several A-List session players have used our services for overdub sessions - Brent Mason, Paul Franklin, Mike Brignardello, Gary Lunn, etc.

Our staff of studio professionals is available for your full project or overdubs. We provide tracks for local and non-local clients via Dropbox as well.
        • Herb Shucher - Drums
        • Mandy Shucher - Bass

We offer mixing and editing of multi-track sesions, using industry-standard plugins, an excellent listening environment, and years of experience. This may include cleaning up tracks, balancing volumes, spatial placement of instruments, adding effects, and automation.

Video recording services are available if you would like to document your recording process, make a music video, or live stream video. Editing services are also available. We provide live show video/audio recording options as well.

Please contact us for more information and a full price list.

We provide recording services for clients locally and around the world. It is our desire to help artists create at their own speed and within their budget. We are willing to work with you on pricing as best we can.

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Electrics Acoustics Basses Amps Drums Mics
Gibson Les Paul Alvarez Yairi Dreadnought Yamaha Nathan East 5 String Fender Vintage Blackface Bassman Yamaha Birch Custom Absolutes Beyer M88
Fender Stratocaster (MIM 50's Reissue) Alvarez Yairi Baritone Fender Jazz (MIM) Fender Vintage Blackface Showman Yamaha Maple Absolutes Shure SM57
Fender Telecaser (MIM Roadworn) Alvarez Yairi 12 string Fender P-bass (MIM 50's Reissue) Badcat Panther Ludwig Vintage Black Beauty Snare Audio Technica AT4047
PRS Custom 22 - 12 String Alvarez Yairi Classical Fender Jazz Fretless Magnatone Twighlighter DW Edge Snare Audio Technica AT4060
PRS Brent Mason Model   Yamaha Silent Bass Ampeg B15 Reissue Slingerland Radio King Snare  
PRS Hollowbody II   Kala Electric Fretless U-bass Ampeg SVT-4PRO    

Please email for full gear list.

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Herb Shucher

Mandy Shucher

Located in White House, TN

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